Instagram Comment Bot: How to Increase Comments 101

Instagram Comment Bot: How to Increase Comments 101

It’s a pretty simple reason why we want more free engagement for our IG posts. It’s because people have a want for more of everything and social media is the gateway for you to meet some of your wants. There are many ways to improve comments on posts but the natural way of waiting around for more followers to comment can take lots of time. Check our article to find out Instagram comment bot to increase comments.

This is where the Instagram comment bot comes into action. There are two different types to choose from, both old and new, but like with most things new is always better. Why add more comments for someone else when you can add some free comments to your own account?  The old comment bot will increase comments on other people’s posts via fake accounts. The new one will add comments to your account from real profiles. 

How Do Instagram Comment Bots Work?

There have been comment bots going back to almost a decade or almost as old as IG itself but we are here to elaborate on the new comment bot. This is much more recent and the new one came out this year only a few months ago.

The new comment bots’ goal is to generate as many comments as possible by making your presence on the site even bigger than it can get to without the bot.

These comment bots come with autoresponders to send automated texts to any and all Instagram users who comment on your posts. You may have come across posts asking you to comment on a certain word in return for a reward in a poll or competition. The bot will respond to that message and will send you the appropriate reply. Many Instagram users and business owners use this in their giveaways to choose a winner. You can even add a clickable link that will help people to find your website.

The more people comment on your posts the more your posts will receive engagements. This plays with the Instagram algorithm because the posts with the most activity are the ones at the top of the search page on the app. This means more people will be likely to view your posts leading to more followers.

How To Get Free Instagram Comments?

This is something many people are afraid to do because they live in the fear of having their accounts banned. If you are one of these people then don’t fret because the services which help you get more comments have procedures to keep you from getting banned.

Not every service offers the same advantages for your Instagram accounts. These services cover the four main aspects which improve the engagement of your posts. The number of followers you have, the views your posts get, the number of comments your post gets, and the amounts of likes you get. You don’t have to worry too much about the others if you only want comments because more comments will get you more likes, follows, and views. 

These services will give you free Instagram comments and they even have customer support for any of your questions regarding the process. You don’t have to worry about any bot running fake accounts making the same boring comments because each account belongs to a real person. In return, you may have to follow the accounts suggested by these services to gain free Instagram comments. You won’t have to wait long for your comments to grow and soon you’ll see your feed being boosted.

Do I Need to Buy IG Comments?

Previously your account was boosted depending on the followers you have but now it depends on the total engagement of your accounts. Not all services are free of cost and you find that paying for comments will help you see a faster boost in your comment section. 

The ones charging money will be more likely to offer comments from genuine accounts. The free services will do the same but you will have to follow a lot of people to get your followers and comments up. The third-party apps which are free use lots of bots and they may keep spamming your accounts. The Instagram algorithm may pick it up as an unusual activity leading to your account getting banned.

A simple search will help you find what you need with there being many options to choose from. Just get the package that fits your budget and you feel won’t make you seem suspicious.

How Does the Instagram Comment Liker Work?

The Instagram comment liker helps to boost your comments to the top of the section by adding more likes to them. If they are at the top then more people will see your comments and your account will get more engagement. These work as a hack but most are safe so you can filter the bad ones out by the reviews. Some of the comment likers may ask for an email to log in but don’t worry as passwords are not necessary to use these services. 

Most comment likers will offer you free slots where you have to copy the link for your Instagram posts. This will help the liker to find the comments to which you want to add the likes. After pasting the link, input your username and then type in the number of likes you want and then watch your likes grow at a steady and appropriate rate. The only downside you may face when using these likers is that you will have to pay more depending on how many likes you want. If you want trusted likes then paying for your likes is the better choice.


The Instagram comment bot will help you to get free comments as long as you put in a CTA that initiates the automated reply. You may have to buy Instagram comments at first but once those numbers grow than any more gained will come naturally and this includes the Instagram comments like too.

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