Best Social Media Post Scheduler for Business

Best Social Media Post Scheduler for Business

What is the fastest way of reaching a huge number of people in the world? Social media. But this social media, or the virtual world as some call it, is not our life. We have other things to attend to. This makes it harder for us to maintain a regularity in social media, which is very critical. Scheduling is important for social media and that is why you need post schedulers. Here is the list of the best social media post scheduler for businesses.

If your business does not use its social media regularly, it will fail to make a name in the market. Thus we have automatics like post schedulers to help you in that matter. In this article, we have the 5 best free Facebook post schedulers and the other 5 best post schedulers for Instagram. Have a look.

Why is post scheduling important in social media marketing?

Now you may ask why it is important to maintain proper scheduling on your social media posts? Well, just like our real world, punctuality is important in the virtual world of Facebook and Instagram as well.

There are peak hours in the day when most people are active on the platform, and there are those hours at which the social media has close to zero active members. If you miss the peak hours in social media, your post won’t have much of a reach and this will make your post get less response.

Thus, it is important to maintain proper scheduling in social media, either by yourself or by using any automation.

Top 5 post scheduler for Facebook

Down below are our top 5 picks for the best app to schedule social media posts on Facebook. Although they can be used in their social media platforms, we think that they are best suited for Facebook.


Our first choice for Facebook post scheduling would be Iconosquare. However, this software is applicable to business Facebook accounts only. It offers some advanced social media management packages like analytics.

You can easily store a bulk number of posts together in your free time and the software will upload them on their schedule.

Iconosquare offers a 14-day free trial. Moreover, you can schedule posts for your Instagram business account with this software.


The reason why we pick Crowdfire is because of its queue meter. The other functionality of it is like your typical scheduler software.

The queue meter in Crowdfire allows you to see how much your social media account will be active in the next seven days based on your scheduling. This queue meter can suggest the best time for making a post.

Besides Facebook, you can use Crowdfire for scheduling posts on Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest.


If you are looking for something just to schedule your posts, then we would recommend you to use Socialoomph.

Socialoomph only focuses on scheduling and it has many features relevant to scheduling only. You will not have the other fancy and important features like analytics, caption suggestion, queue meter, etc.

One of the best scheduling features of Socialoomph is that it can schedule self-deleting posts. This may come in handy in some situations.


For those who are at the engineering level of using automation, Loomly would be the perfect choice for Facebook post scheduling. It offers a very user-friendly interface integrated with a calendar that summarizes your scheduling. However, it will only work with business accounts.

You will get a 15-day free trial with Loomly. So we would recommend you to check it out now.


Buffer is best for designing some eye-catching content and scheduling them for posting on Facebook. This software is one of the oldest in the category of post scheduling, thus it is one of the most reliable ones.

But it does lack some new luxury features like analytics and a calendar. However, the price of Buffer is fair to its services. So we would recommend you to see if it is good for your demand.

So, these were our recommendations for the best post scheduler for Facebook. Now let’s take a look at the post scheduler for Instagram.

Top 5 post scheduler for Instagram

We have here 5 of the best automation for Instagram. This software will allow you to schedule social media posts for free on Instagram.

Combine Scheduler

Combine Scheduler is a balanced post scheduler for Instagram. It comes with many useful features such as photo, video editing, and also location tagging.

They have a free version and a paid premium version. The free version will allow you to schedule 3 posts and 15 stories per week. Pay up for the premium and the number will go up to infinity.

We would highly recommend you to try this no matter if you are a beginner or a professional. Remember, you can always scale up in Combine Scheduler with their premium package.


SEMrush can help you understand what strategies your competitors are following on Instagram for posting. It can also analyze your posts and show you which one is performing higher on the scale of public engagement and likes.

If you purchase one of their subscription plans, you can get much more than that. We would recommend SEMrush for those who are concerned with their technical performance data on Instagram.


If analytics and technical aspects of your posts matter to you the most, then Later will be the best automation for free scheduling for Instagram.

Later will provide you with detailed analytics for all of the posts you make on Instagram and you can use that to map out your future posting schedule. It is free-to-use software, and it also comes with other useful features such as a photo and video editor.

Sked Social

Aked Social lives up to the standard of perfect automation for social media post schedulers. It comes with some of the best autopilot features on the market. Using these autopilot features, you can make your account more organic to public engagement. You can post, repost, analyze results, and much more.


Tailwind offers more technical features that will help you decide when to schedule your posts. But the post scheduling function is similar to other typical post schedulers.

This software will provide you with trend analyzing, comment monitoring, result tracking, and other relevant features for your Instagram posts.

So, these were our picks for the 5 best post schedulers for Instagram.


Post schedulers are important for maintaining punctuality in posing. It is very crucial for businesses that are competing against large giants in the industry. So make your choice carefully. Be sure to check all features before you decide to implement them on your account.

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