Best Instagram Post Scheduler for free in 2021

Best Instagram Post Scheduler for free in 2021

Instagram is a great platform for reaching millions and millions of audiences with one account. But you need to keep up the clockwork of regularly posting photos or videos to keep yourself on the radar of your audience. Maintaining a regular post schedule on Instagram by yourself is very exhausting. But that can be solved with the Instagram post scheduler.

Sometimes it gets exhausting and we forget to post at the right time. The timing of your post is very important on Instagram and that’s why we have Instagram post schedulers. In this article, we will recommend to you some of the best Instagram post schedulers free in 2021.

What is a post scheduler?

Before we jump right to it, let’s make sure that we are on the same page of understanding what an Instagram post scheduler or a social media post scheduler is. From the name you can easily guess that it is a kind of software/ app that is used for scheduling social media posts and it will automatically post them when the time comes.

You are not far off. A post scheduler is an automation tool that helps you schedule posts. This will share the scheduled posts automatically when you are not active.

So, by installing a free post scheduling automation, you can free scheduling Instagram posts.

Benefits of using an Instagram post scheduler

Best Instagram Post Scheduler for free in 2021
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What are the benefits of using an Instagram post scheduler? Are there any other benefits of using an Instagram post scheduler free?

Yes, there are. These benefits are very useful for businesses and entrepreneurs.

The first benefit of using an Instagram post scheduler for free is that you don’t need to pay money for sharing your posts for free. You just have to schedule them in your free time and they will be uploaded whenever you have set them to be.

The second benefit is that you can save a lot of time. You don’t have to spend time daily to make a post. All you have to do is sit with the scheduler in your free time of the week and plan all the posts that your account will have to post. Design them in one session, and you are free for the rest of the week. So by utilizing your free time on the weekend, you don’t have to worry about your Instagram account posts anymore.

Another benefit is that the Instagram scheduler apps tend to have built-in photo editors. These built-in photo editors work way better than the actual photo editor in Instagram and have much more functionality.

The next benefit is the captions. You might know that the platform of Instagram will not be in your favor if you do not use proper captions and hashtags in your posts. But worry not, these automation schedulers will provide you with caption suggestions and relevant captions.

Finally, you can schedule more than one post every day. This will make your Instagram account more active on the platform without requiring you to be on the platform all day.

It will help to find better captions.

All of these will result in a better market reach and growth for your business. Researchers have proven that social media marketing is the best way for small and medium businesses to rise in the list.

So, these are the benefits of using Instagram post schedulers.

Best Free Instagram Post scheduler in 2021

Now let us look at some of the best Instagram post schedulers free in 2021. Down here we have 5 of the best Instagram post schedulers that you can try out for free.

Combine Scheduler

Best Instagram Post Scheduler for free in 2021

As an Instagram post scheduler for free, Combine takes the spot hands down. It has overall balanced everything for a post scheduler. In their free-to-use version, you can schedule photo upload, video upload, caption, storage, and other features like location tagging. You can also edit photos in the free version.

But the free version is limited to one Instagram account only and it will only allow you to schedule 3 posts and 15 Instagram stories for every week. It is suitable for startup businesses, but if you want to go beyond that, then you can purchase their premium version which has unlimited post and story scheduling.


Best Instagram Post Scheduler for free in 2021

SEMrush has some exceptional features as a free-to-use scheduler, but it can go beyond if you purchase any one of their three subscription plans.

With the free version, it can not only schedule posts but also analyze which one of your posts is performing the best. It can analyze your overall social performance in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest. With these results, you can plan out an effective social media marketing strategy and move your business forward. Moreover, as your business grows, you can scale up your scheduling game by purchasing the subscription plan of SEMrush which will enable more scheduling and strategy options.


Best Instagram Post Scheduler for free in 2021

If you are one of those who are experts in analytics, then you will surely love using Later. The specialty of this post scheduler is that it will provide you with detailed analytics for all your posts. Moreover, you will get a calendar for reviewing all your scheduled posts at a glance.

Besides this, it is just a regular post scheduler, with a photo and video editor. We would suggest it if you are looking for something free.

Sked Social

Sked Social is equipped with many useful autopilot features. For example, you can schedule reposting of a post, story, analyze results and plan feed, all on autopilot.

It not only works on Instagram but can support Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Tailwind features post scheduling, trend analyzing, comment monitoring, and tracking results. It supports all devices like phones, tablets, and PCs. You can select to plan your Instagram post scheduling on a 9 grid mode.

For individual accounts, we believe that this is the best Instagram post scheduler.


So, these were our picks for the best Instagram post scheduler in 2021. We have also discussed how useful it is to use a post scheduler. It relieves you from the headache of staying active on the platform every day.

Also, the post scheduler comes with some great analytical features which are best for businesses and entrepreneurs. So be sure to check them out.

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